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We know being at Camp Mendocino this summer is better than anything we could offer. We also understand that there are a lot of BORED kids out there and parents/guardians who aren't quite sure how to help them stay busy. On this page, you will find some resources and activities that might help. 

​Scroll down or click the links below to find something to do! 


​Youtube videos from our Camp staff

Camp-specific games & downloadable activities

Other Resources & Ideas











































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Camp Mendocino Downloadable Coloring Pages

Click individual pages below to download, or download them all here



Explore Nature at Home

  • San Diego Zoo

    • Families can use this link to allow their child to learn more about animals at the San Diego Zoo! 

    • Try asking your child to write and draw what they read about and present that information to the you

    • This website also offers games, activities, and interactive videos 

  • Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour

    • Virtually explore Yellowstone National Park!

  • Mars Exploration

    • Virtually explore Mars! 

  • Museum of Wildlife Art

    • Families can virtually visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art virtually in Jackson, Wyoming! 

  • Georgia Aquarium

    • The Georgia Aquarium has webcams set up in their aquarium so families can virtually visit the beluga whales, sea lions, alligators, and much more!  

  • Houston Zoo

    • The Houston Zoo has webcams set up in their zoo cages so families can virtually visit the gorillas, elephants, chimps, rhinos, and much more! 

Academic Worksheet Resources

  • Teacher Pay Teachers

    • This website offers free worksheets to families with various subjects like Math, Science, History, Reading Comprehension, Wildlife, Seasonal/Holiday-themed worksheets, and much more! 

  • Wildlife Worksheets

    • Families can download and print worksheets from this site and kids can cut and paste worksheets in a journal and keep all the things they have learned during the quarantine in a notebook 

  • Teacher Vision

    • Teacher vision is free during COVID-19 and gives families unlimited access to K-12 grade academic and extracurricular lessons like Music, Art, Health, Physical Education, and so much more! 

Indoor/Outdoor Activities

  • Leave No Trace

    • This website offers indoor and outdoor camp-themed activities for children to engage in with their families. 

  • Childhood 101

    • This site has a bunch of camp-themed activities like nature scavenger hunts, tent games and more!


​Have other resources to share? Email!