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Camp Mendocino recognizes the depth of history and tradition that makes us special. Every camper, staff, volunteer, donor, and family member since 1931 has had an impact on what Camp is today.

Through a new alumni network, we want to connect with past members of the Camp family and recognize the strong connections and fond memories that are still present no matter how long ago you first stepped into the redwoods. We hope that this network offers a small way to keep your memories alive and to re-connect with us and the many people who had a positive impact on your summers throughout the years.

Please take a moment to register. We would love to hear about where you are and what you are doing!  This will also give us an opportunity to keep you informed of camp news. Once you've registered, share some photos & stories with us. We love to reminisce about Camp's history. And keep an eye out, these stories & photos might just end up on social media!



It takes a lot to continue to keep Camp as magical as it was when you were there. The year-round Camp team works hard to make sure that every camper and staff has a fantastic experience that they remember for years to come. This isn't easy, and it takes a lot of resources to make happen. We scholarship 99% of campers every year to make Camp Mendocino affordable to families across the Bay Area. We can always use more support. 

$5 provides a scholarship for one camper to use at the canteen

$25 ensures there is face paint for one field day

$50 funds 150 friendship bracelets

$100 ensures we have the best songs for every Disco Duck

$250 buys S'mores for magical campfires all summer long

$500 supplies new equipment for the Mountain Bikes so we are ready to teach a kid to ride for the first time

$850 funds one full scholarship for a camper


We are so proud of what our alumni are doing with their lives that we thought it would be great to provide a place for our graduating college seniors to connect with alumni who could help them with their future goals.  If you are interested or willing to provide internships or career advice please email Omar, our Assistant Camp Director for Programs at

We host two year-round programs for Camp teens. Learn more about them here.


Click here to join the Camp Mendocino Alumni Facebook Group and connect with campers and staff you haven't heard from in a while.



Do you have an old Camp photo, some camper bucks, or a fun memory to share? Send them our way!




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