March 10, 2021 Update

The Quick Update:

We are spending a lot of time working on scenarios for how to safely open Camp Mendocino—in some form—for summer 2021 and, as you can imagine, camper and staff safety is our #1 priority. We are optimistic that we can give you a meaningful update in early April and will update you via email and through our website as we have more specific information.

How We are Making Decisions:

Earlier this year, we started a Covid-19 Health & Safety Task Force to help us make decisions about our ability to safely open Camp Mendocino this summer. This 20-person task force has been utilizing research and best practices from a variety of sources to think critically about the summer. Taking account of Covid-19 considerations, we have been discussing policies and procedures related to: health and safety, facilities and operations, transportation, family experience and communication, programs/activities, camper experience, and staff experience. 

Who is on the Task Force:

Medical staff

Year-round Camp staff

Seasonal Camp staff


Former campers

What Guides our Decision Making:

Survey Results from over 100 families

BGCSF’s extensive experience operating in person over the past 12 months

State and local government guidance

Available scientific research

Trusted organizations like the American Camp Association 

What Camp Might Look Like:

Fewer Campers

Cohorts of campers

Masks required

Social Distancing required

Testing of campers and staff

Pre-Camp quarantine for campers and staff

Changes to the Camp schedule

Changes to staff expectations

In the meantime, although we may not have the answer to many questions, please contact our Camp office via telephone or email.  We are happy to talk with you.

We know that our campers need us more than ever right at this time. We hope that we can see at least some of the smiling faces we missed in 2020. Again, we hope you all are safe, healthy, and well. 
















Will Camp Mendocino be open this summer?

We hope so - in some form. We are working with some incredibly smart and thoughtful people on our Health & Safety Task Force, monitoring guidance from the American Camp Association, Center for Disease Control, state and local departments of health, and other experts. It will mean that things need to look different (fewer campers, fewer sessions, masks, diistancing, schedule changes etc.) - but we understand how important it is to get kids out of the house and back into nature. We're working on it! We should have a more concrete update in April to help you best plan your summer.

What parties are influenced summer camp decisions?

The World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, the federal government, state officials, and many others are all constantly publishing information about COVID-19. While most information is common amongst all parties, we have looked at all sources to come up with our decision for the summer. As a program of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, we have consistently consulted with the City - specifically the Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF) and the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) - for guidance and information-sharing. We are also paying close attention to guidance from Mendocino County, where Camp is physically located.

What additional steps will Camp Mendocino take in the future to prevent COVID-19 and other communicable diseases?

Because Camp is a closed community, we have always taken great care to develop and maintain medical and hygiene practices to address a variety of communicable diseases. In addition to the many steps we take every day to protect the health of our guests, campers, and staff, we are currently engaging in the following additional practices: *Currently, we ask all campers and staff to engage in appropriate hand-washing before entering the dining hall for meals. We will continue to enforce this, as well as increase the number of mandatory “hand-washing” breaks throughout the day. We will also increase the availability of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to staff, guests, and campers. *We will increase the number of signs and literature about the importance of handwashing and other prevention practices throughout Camp. *Our maintenance team will take additional steps to deep clean the facilities with a bleach-based solution daily (especially focusing on the dining hall, door handles, light switches, toilets, faucets, and showers), as well as ensuring soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are regularly refilled. *High-touch program areas will also be cleaned with a bleach-based solution between uses. *Our food service provider has also increased their already robust prevention practices, and we will continue to hold the provider to high standards in terms of food delivery, packaging, and food safety. *All members of staff will receive numerous trainings on the prevention of communicable diseases. Staff will be required to self isolate if ill. *We will be assessing children’s health prior to boarding the bus for Camp Mendocino, most likely to include taking children’s temperatures. We are assessing the local and global situation every day and implementing new policies and procedures as necessary. As always, our priority is everyone’s safety.

How can I stay updated on COVID-19?

There are many resources to keep you updated on COVID-19. Below are just a few: The Center for Disease Control (CDC): The World Health Organization (WHO): The Food & Drug Administration (FDA):

What other resources do you suggest we follow?

Tips for Parental Self-Care from Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco: Ensuring your child’s well-being during COVID-19 from Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco: Talking to your Children about COVID-19 from the National Association of School Psychologists: Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction is a very good CNN podcast by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

What is the plan for summer 2021?

We are very excited about summer camp next year as we will be celebrating Camp Mendocino’s 90th Anniversary! We have a lot of plans and surprises so we are currently in the early planning stages. We will still offer mini sessions, regular sessions and a session dedicated to military and first responder youth.

How can I support Camp Mendocino during this time?

As you can imagine, not hosting our traditional summer camp or rental groups in 2021 has been challenging. Our costs are also anticipated to be greater this year as we look at solutions around testing, increased cleaning, and other changes to Camp programming and facilities. If you are able during this challenging time, donations would help us to continue operating and preparing for summer 2021. If you would like to donate please visit

How can I stay in touch with the Camp Mendocino community?

We update Facebook and Instagram regularly. Through these platforms, you are able to stay in touch with camp staff throughout the year, post pictures, and see our updates about the summer. Follow us on Facebook Instagram Email: