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Camp Mendocino is a program of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco (BGCSF), a San Francisco institution since 1891. We understand that hiring, training and retaining the best staff possible is critical to our success with young people. 


Please note that all positions would require you to live and work at Camp Mendocino in remote Northern California from mid-June to mid-August. Camp is located approximately three-and-a-half hours north of San Francisco.

Each summer, we hire over 100 professional staff members, including approximately 30 international staff members. Our foreign exchange program is designed to broaden our campers’ understanding of other cultures and backgrounds. Our domestic staff are also very diverse in terms of race, gender, age, place of birth, interests, etc.


All new employees will undergo the following rigorous background checks:

  • FBI Fingerprint Check

  • California Department of Justice Criminal Check

  • Professional Reference Checks

  • Verification of Authorization to work in the US 


Looking for something more than just a summer job?

Camp Mendocino's staff are the best of the best, acting as strong role models for campers who come from some of the most challenging neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our staff are diverse, creative, collaborative people who strive to commit to quality work every day. Are you ready to have the best summer EVER, all while making an impact? If you are selected to work at Camp Mendocino, we guarantee that you will change at least one child’s life. But just as importantly, you will likely change your own. 

All applicants must be 18+ years old. For youth development positions, a minimum of two years experience working with youth (especially youth from disadvantaged backgrounds) is required. 

In order to work at Camp, you should:

*Have experience working with youth

*Be able to display empathy & patience, have good listening skills, and practice good self care

*Be be creative, silly, and bring unique ideas to the team

*Have integrity, grit, & follow through 

*Be flexible

*Be hard working & ready for a challenge

*Have high emotional intelligence & Interpersonal skills 

*Be motivated to learn, grow, get feedback, get better, and step outside of their comfort zone 

Click here to apply to work at Camp. Click here for a list of all summer positions. 

Camp Director | Phone: 415-445-5476

Assistant Camp Director for Programs | Phone: 415-445-5421

Sara Richardson became Camp Director in 2016 after serving as Assistant Camp Director for Programs for almost four years. As Camp Director, Sara provides oversight of the programs and daily operations for Camp Mendocino. Many of her responsibilities include: Hiring and training staff; ensuring the safety and well-being of all campers and staff; overseeing Camp programs; managing the Camp budget and rental process and ensuring that Camp continues to meet the needs of young people in our community. 


Prior to joining BGCSF in 2012, Sara provided program leadership to a gang prevention grant and day camp for a Boys & Girls Club in Southern California, as well as led a residential substance abuse program in Detroit, Michigan. Sara received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies, and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy.

Sara splits her time between Camp Mendocino and San Francisco and is based at Camp during the summer months.

Omar Malik joined the Camp team as Assistant Director of Programs in November 2018 after serving as the Education Director at the Mission Clubhouse for the previous 3 years. In his role Assistant Director, he is responsible for all the programs and activities at Camp Mendocino. 


Omar considers himself to be a citizen of the world. Born in Pakistan, he spent his younger years living all across America before relocating to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he attended high school. He spent his college years in London where he attended Kingston University, graduating with a degree in International Relations and Politics. Omar moved to California in January of 2013, and after spending sometime in the classroom teaching history to high school students, he found his passion in youth development, joining the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, before moving to Boys & Girls of San Francisco in January 2016. 


Omar splits his time between Camp Mendocino and San Francisco and is based at Camp during the summer months. 

Assistant Director for Operations | Phone: 707-459-6458
Manager of Camp Administration | Phone: 415-445-5477

Steve Fenech has lived and worked at Camp Mendocino since early 2018. He moved from Austin, Texas, where he ran the operations team in the boating industry for many years. Steve brings a wide variety of skills and experience to the Camp team. 

As Facilities Manager, Steve works alongside Wayne to maintain the Camp property and buildings, all of the grounds at Camp, and the electrical and water systems. Steve is also responsible for many general maintenance needs year-round. 


Steve is located at Camp Mendocino year-round.

Tia Parker joined the Camp team in January 2020. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition Science with over 5 years of recreation experience. Before coming to the Boys & Girls Clubs, Tia was a Program Director for Bay Area Community Resources. She has an extensive recreation background as the previous Day Camp Director for Eastbay Regional Park District and Recreation Specialist for City of Oakland Parks and Recreation where she managed the administrative aspects of outdoor recreation day camps and many other programs. 

​As Manager of Camp Administration, Tia is responsible for marketing Camp and recruiting campers, processing camper applications and paperwork, communicating with families, overseeing bus arrivals and departures, and managing the Camp rental process.

​Though Tia is located in the San Francisco office year round, she loves visiting Camp during the summer and the rental season.

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Office & Human Resources Manager
Direct: 415-445-5422 | Camp Office: 707-459-6458
Executive Chef

Bethany Paul has lived and worked at Camp Mendocino since early 2018. While originally from the Northeast, she moved to California from Austin, Texas. Bethany has varying experience in the nonprofit world, from operations in an education startup to program management in workforce education. 

At Camp Mendocino, Bethany works with the full team, focusing on streamlining processes related to Camp's temporary summer staff. She also completes research, manages human resources tasks, and coordinates the Alumni program. In the summer, you can find Bethany working in the office. 


Bethany is located at Camp Mendocino year-round.

Marty Bohlen joined the San Francisco Boys Club in 1955, and began attending camps as a result. Marty began working at Camp Mendocino in 1961 as the Dining Hall Stewart, and in 1962 he became First Cook, and has been working in the food service industry and with youth from disadvantaged circumstances ever since. For many years, Marty has served as Executive Chef at Camp Mendocino. Marty has also been a part of the Purple Kumquat group providing valuable volunteer efforts to Camp Mendocino. In his current position, Marty volunteers his summers to provide three healthy meals a day to the Camp community, and takes a great amount of pride in giving back to Camp Mendocino.


Marty is on-site at Camp during the summer.