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Camp Mendocino @ Home in 2020

Camp Mendocino @ Home

Check out what Camp Mendocino did while we were at home during the pandemic!

We knew being at Camp Mendocino in summer 2020 would have been better than anything we could offer our families during that time. We knew and completely understood that there were a lot of BORED kids out there and parents/guardians who weren't quite sure how to help campers stay busy. In this blog post, you will find some resources and activities that we thought would help our families through those unprecedented times.

We created the most fun and exciting 4 episode- Camp Mendocino Masked Singer and videos from summer staff!

Check out the videos HERE.

Our summer staff created some really cool Home videos catered to our Camp

We offered ​fun and engaging camp-specific games & downloadable activities

Other Resources & Ideas we offered Camp Mendocino Families:

Explore Nature at Home

San Diego Zoo

Families can use this link to allow their children to learn more about animals at the San Diego Zoo!

Try asking your child to write and draw what they read about and present that information to you.

This website also offers games, activities, and interactive videos

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour

Virtually explore Yellowstone National Park!

Mars Exploration

Virtually explore Mars!

Museum of Wildlife Art

Families can virtually visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art virtually in Jackson, Wyoming!

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium has webcams set up in their aquarium so families can virtually visit the beluga whales, sea lions, alligators, and much more!

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo has webcams set up in their zoo cages so families can virtually visit the gorillas, elephants, chimps, rhinos, and much more! ​​​

​Academic Worksheet Resources

Teacher Pay Teachers

This website offers free worksheets to families with various subjects like Math, Science, History, Reading Comprehension, Wildlife, Seasonal/Holiday-themed worksheets, and much more!

Wildlife Worksheets

​Families can download and print worksheets from this site and kids can cut and paste worksheets in a journal and keep all the things they have learned during the quarantine in a notebook

Teacher Vision

Teacher vision is free during COVID-19 and gives families unlimited access to K-12 grade academic and extracurricular lessons like Music, Art, Health, Physical Education, and so much more!

​​Indoor/Outdoor Activities

Leave No Trace

This website offers indoor and outdoor camp-themed activities for children to engage in with their families.

Childhood 101

​This site has a bunch of camp-themed activities like nature scavenger hunts, tent games, and more!​​

Hope these resources are still valuable for Camp families anytime!

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