The online application allows you to submit the application quickly, easily, and securely.  
At the end of the process, you must pay a $30 application fee via credit card is required in order to save your spot.

If you choose ‘Money Order’ you will be marked as applied until the camp office receives your $30 deposit. 
There are required documents due once the camper application is completed.


These documents are listed in the 'Forms and Documents section under ‘My Account’ which is due 14 days prior to your session start date. 





































Forms and Documents that are due along with your camper application are: 

1. Immunization Form 

2. 2022 Doctor’s Form signed by an RN or Physician prior to August 1, 2020












3. Summer Foods
4. Parent Health Form 
5. Military Youth Outreach Form (Military Families ONLY)

dOCS .png

If families are unable to get a doctor's  physical, we are offering FREE Physicals at our BGCSF Clubhouses: 

  • Thursday, April 21st at Excelsior Clubhouse (163 London St.) from 5-6 pm

  • Saturday, May 7th at Don Fisher Clubhouse (380 Fulton St.) from 10-11 am 

  • Tuesday, May 17th at Don Fisher Clubhouse (380 Fulton St.) from 5-6 pm

  • Saturday, May 28th at Don Fisher Clubhouse (380 Fulton St.) from 10-11 am

  • Wednesday, June 1st at Columbia Park Clubhouse (450 Guerrero St.) from 5-6 pm


We feel strongly that cost should not be the thing that gets in the way of a camper having a great time at Camp. Full and partial scholarships are available for all that apply, with no need to provide proof of income. All scholarships are offered at the beginning of the online application. Choose "No Scholarship, Partial Scholarship, or Full Scholarship" under 'What Describes your camper?' when

applying to receive below pricing.









Below is the pricing tool bar to help when chossing your financial ledgers: 





















We know this can be confusing. Please contact us with questions! or 415-445-5477.

Summer Foods Program Information

Part of the application you fill out for your camper includes an application for the California Department of Education Summer Food Service Program. This allows Camp Mendocino to receive funding for meals served at Camp.  All Camp applications include this form. Eligibility for the summer foods program does NOT affect your eligibility for Camp scholarships, nor does it change the price of Camp for families. We offer families the lowest available price, regardless of Summer Foods Program eligibility. For more information on the summer foods program, please click here. Note, the application form is available as part of the paper and online application. The copy on the link above is for informational purposes only.

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