Still the Right Fit?
Employment Dates
Think critically about your last summer at Camp & why you want to return.
Are you...
Excited to be a part of next year's Camp family?
Able to reflect on successes/failures?
Ready to learn and grow with new staff and campers?
Prepared to take on a mentorship role?

All staff arrive in SF:

June 16, 2021​

On-site training at Camp:

June 17-26, 2021​

Summer Sessions:

June 27-August 2, 2021​

All staff should be available June 16-Aug 2

Returning staff application is below. Before starting it, please spend some time developing thoughtful answers to these questions...
Short-Answer Questions:

What have you been up to since you were last at Camp?


Share a learning moment - a time you realized something about yourself that made a difference in your experience/performance.


What personal or professional goal(s) do you have as a returning staff for summer 2021?

What would you like to learn more about during staff training this year?
This year will look different and we will be requiring a lot of our staff to keep our community safe (cohorts, masking, distancing, health screenings, testing, no trips off Camp, etc). How will you, as a returning staff, approach both managing these changes for yourself and being a role model for new staff and campers?
Once we receive your application, we will reach out to schedule a phone/zoom/google hangouts call.
Topics to discuss:
Thoughtful reflection on your last staff experience
What to expect during summer 2021
Open positions