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The Leaders in Training (LIT) program is a job readiness and character development program for teens age 15-17. Due to a limited number of spaces available each session, this is a competitive application based program.

The LIT program has grown significantly over the last ten years, and is not only a strong and powerful program for teens but is also the heart and soul of Camp. Most campers idolize the LITs, and cannot wait to become one. The LITs serve as role models, support staff members at Camp, generate enthusiasm, and walk away with so many skills.


The LIT program is a program and not a job (although there is a small stipend attached to it based on teen performance). Teens will not be employees of Camp Mendocino or Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. In the LIT program, teens will run the dining hall, shadow adult staff members, and  participate in workshops including: communication, conflict resolution, money management, resume writing, interviewing, and youth development.


Attending Camp Mendocino previously is not a requirement of the program - every year we have teens who are brand new to Camp who fit right in to the Camp family. Having been a part of Camp as either a camper or LIT does hold weight as we look at applicants, but simply “loving” Camp is not enough to be accepted into the program. We are looking for teens who will contribute to our Camp community. Our best LITs are team oriented, hard working, enthusiastic, motivated, and goal oriented. Many of our best Camp staff were LITs when they were teens. 


When applying, teens will be prompted to identify which sessions they are available. Please pay careful attention to these dates. Each LIT, upon acceptance to the program, will be assigned to their first session. Many LITs choose to participate in more than one session each summer, but this is only possible if we have availability and the LIT scores well on their rubric in their assigned session.  

LIT application closed for 2020



Each year, we have an increasing number of teens apply for the Camp Mendocino LIT program. Unfortunately, not all applicants will be accepted to the program. We are limited in the number of applicants we can accept based on the number of LITs we can host in each session. This program is competitive, so take your application seriously! 

Application Overview


Part 1: Essay or Video
You may submit your response either through a three minute video upload OR a 450 word essay. 

Answer the questions below: 
New LITs: What is your understanding of the LIT program and why do you want to be apart of it? 
Returning LITs: What is something you learned through the LIT program? How have you applied it in the rest of your life?

Part 2: Recommendation 
Provide contact information for a mentor in your life (that you are not related to) who can speak to your character and why you would be a good fit for the LIT program. They will fill out a short form by email. 

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