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Camp Mendocino is 90 years old - it’s time to celebrate! Let us know how Camp has affected your life by using the hashtag #ThanksToCamp in a photo, video, text, painting, poem, song...any way you’d like to share your Camp love! 

Who are you now, thanks to Camp?

What have you learned in your life as a result of your time at Camp?

How has Camp influenced your life?

How to participate in #ThanksToCamp:


Take a photo

Take a photo with your #thankstocamp message. If you need a template, you can find one here or here. But don't be afraid to be creative! See some samples below.

Send us a video

Show us your #thankstocamp message in a video. No need for sound or dramatic effect, just have someone record a 5-10 second clip of you holding/posing with your #thankstocamp message.

Share your story

Do you have a testimonial, poem, or story about how Camp has impacted your life? Send us a note at

Be sure to include #ThanksToCamp, a personal message, and your smiling face!


You can upload your photos/videos by clicking the button above or you can email them to

















It takes a lot to continue to keep Camp as magical as it was when you were there. The year-round Camp team works hard to make sure that every camper and staff has a fantastic experience that they remember for years to come. This isn't easy, and it takes a lot of resources to make happen. We scholarship 99% of campers every year to make Camp Mendocino affordable to families across the Bay Area. We can always use more support. 

$5 provides a scholarship for one camper to use at the canteen

$25 ensures there is face paint for one field day

$50 funds 150 friendship bracelets

$100 ensures we have the best songs for every Disco Duck

$250 buys S'mores for magical campfires all summer long

$500 supplies new equipment for the Mountain Bikes so we are ready to teach a kid to ride for the first time

$875 funds one full scholarship for a camper

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