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Who We Hire
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Successful staff are people who want to be a part of a community, knowing that involves a balance of give and take. Successful staff are people who appreciate jumping in and getting to work. Successful staff are always willing to talk with their managers and co-workers on how to be better. Successful staff are aware of themselves and are kind and honest in their relationships with their co-workers. Successful staff are always thinking about how to best serve our youth and know that includes putting their needs first. 

All applicants must be 18+ years old. For youth development positions, a minimum of two years experience working with youth (especially youth from disadvantaged backgrounds) is required. 

Why Spend your Summer at Camp?


Let our staff tell you why Camp Mendocino is THE place to be this summer.

Ryan -


2016 & 2017




What is the community at Camp like?

"Inclusive, exciting, warm, challenging, scary, tiresome, invigorating etc. Whilst most of those words juxtapose each other, its important to understand that Camp is an environment that will force you to face every aspect of yourself - best and worst... but more of the best lol. It is an immensely emotional experience that is SO worth it. Just don't go expecting a paid summer vacation - It's still work - but the emotional rewards are incredible and priceless."

What keeps you coming back to Camp?

"There is nowhere on the planet quite like Camp Mendocino. Genuinely, one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. Whilst I've only worked at camp for two summers, the effect it has had on me as a person has been more profound than I have words to describe."

If you were trying to convince someone to join Camp staff next summer, what would you say?

"It's hard to describe the feeling you get when a child that you've interacted with at Camp comes up to you grinning teeth and says "I did it". Its hard to describe the pride in helping a child become proud of themselves. Camp cant really be explained, it needs to be experienced and you deserve to know that joy as much as those children deserve that pride which you can help them achieve."

Rhys -

Staff &



In what ways have you grown or learned at Camp? 

"Nothing I've ever done has ever had as much impact on my life as Camp has. It's hard to put into words exactly how but it definitely gave me a confidence that I didn't have before. It also taught me about a culture different to my own but more importantly led to me going into a youth development career back in the UK, something that I love and wouldn't change for the world." 

What is the community at Camp like?

"Camp is a home away from home for campers and staff. The staff and campers create a community where people can be comfortable and feel respected being themselves. The impact of this community is clear in how many campers and staff come back year on year. Many of the people I've worked with at camp are people I consider as some of the closest to me."

If you were trying to convince someone to join Camp staff next summer, what would you say?

"If you are looking for something bigger than an average summer camp then Camp Mendocino is for you. Camp Mendocino truly serves the youth of San Francisco and creates something memorable for campers and staff like nothing else could. Obviously camp is full of fun but it is far more than this; it is a place for youth to develop, to escape to and to feel safe and valued. Working at Camp Mendocino is an amazing, humbling and memorable experience."

Tyree -


Camper & 



In what ways have you grown or learned at Camp? 

"Camp has helped me in so many ways. Camp has taught me how to use my voice to get what I want but in a positive way. Camp also taught me how to deal with different kids from all three backgrounds such as low class, middle class and upper class. Now I can take that back to my personal work."

What would you say to someone who says you were "just" a camp counselor?

"You are more than just a counselor. You have ten days to plant a seed in a child life. It Is very hard cause sometimes it get real emotional once it is time for that kid to leave knowing that that kid have shared so much with you. That's why it is so important to not look at this as "Just a summer vacation" The seed is in your pocket it's up to you to plant so others can water it!"

What keeps you coming back to Camp?

"Being able to positively impact a kid's life for ten days, knowing we share/shared the same struggles!"

Kirsten -



f you were trying to convince someone to join Camp staff next summer, what would you say?

"I would say, if you’re looking to challenge yourself but complete the most rewarding experience of your life then Camp is for you. You need a lot of energy, but the young people will definitely help boost your energy and creativity."

What is the community at Camp like?

"Incredible! I have genuinely made best friends for life. The best thing about camp, is walking around dressed like a weirdo and nobody ever questions it!"

What would you say to someone who says you were "just" a camp counselor?

"Camp was one of the hardest, but best things I have ever done in my life. You make a difference to so many young people’s lives and become part of a major experience for them. You will learn things about yourself, and be humbled by other people’s experiences."​

Isell -


Camper & 



In what ways have you grown or learned at Camp? 

"Camp has helped push me out of my comfort zone and turned me into the person (and leader) I am today. It's helped me learn to deal with stress (if you can survive crazy Camp moments you can survive just about anything). I've learned so much about working with kids and conflict management. Camp has also put into my life the most amazing people who have become my support system both in and out of Camp."

What is the community at Camp like?

"There are really no words to adequately describe the Camp community.....A group of strangers who you become insanely close to, will have your back when you need it most, end up learning a lot from, and possibly make you cry at the end of the summer when you have to say goodbye."

What would you say to someone who says you were "just" a camp counselor?

"If you had a child who you were sending off to Camp, would you want someone who was "just" a Camp counselor taking care of them? No. You'd want someone with child development and conflict management skills. Someone you can trust will take care of them and provide them with the emotional support you can't because you're not with them. Someone who will make it their mission for your child to have the time of their life. Someone who understands the fact that you are trusting them with the most valuable thing in your life. You don't want "just" a camp counselor, you want the best."

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Our Summer Positions

Camper Support:

Camp Counselor

A Counselor works closely with a small team to supervise a group of up to 40 youth. Ensures a fun, safe, and positive camp experience for campers. A Counselor manages behavior issues, plans activities, and participates in all Camp activities while promoting positive character development. Camp counselors are the center of the camper’s experience and should be comfortable working with youth and being a role model at all times. 


Lead Counselor (Unit Director)

Lead Counselors are the primary support and contact for their unit. They manage a team of Camp counselors (six to eight staff) and are responsible for a group of up to 40 youth. They are responsible for ensuring a positive camp experience through managing behavior issues, coworker dynamics, planning village activities, participating in Camp life, and following through on paperwork and logistics. Lead Counselors work closely with the Program Managers and Camp Directors regarding issues with staff and campers.  

Assistant Lead Counselor

Assistant Lead Counselors support the Lead Counselor/Unit Director of each group. Most days, this position serves as a general Camp Counselor, providing direct supervision of youth. This position also supports the Lead Counselor in coaching staff, holding group expectations, and completing paperwork. On Lead Counselor days off, the Assistant Lead Counselor will take on the responsibilities of the Lead Counselor.  

Program Manager

The Program Managers assist the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director in running all program-related activities at Camp. This person will have a role in supervising Lead Counselor and Assistant Lead Counselors, scheduling activities, helping with any Camper behavioral issues, and interfacing with parents. This person should be comfortable in a leadership position and have a strong understanding of youth development and staff management.

Teen Director

Teen Director supervises and guides a group of 20 to 25 teens, implements job readiness curriculum, exposes teens to a variety of responsibilities and experiences, facilitates workshops, and provides coaching and mentoring to teen Leaders in Training.  

Activity Specialists:


The Camp Lifeguards oversee all waterfront activities, including water safety, and swim tests. The lifeguard team plans and implements waterfront programming to engage campers and foster character development and promote healthy lifestyles in coordination with the Program Managers. Provide oversight during activity times and as needed.  

Challenge Course (Ropes) Specialist

The Challenge Course Specialist facilitates the challenge course, which includes: high elements on two static systems, climbing wall, and low elements. This position teaches youth about team building, goal setting, and encourages youth to overcome challenges in a positive manner and promotes character development. Works with Camp Mendocino challenge course’s challenge by choice philosophy. Challenge course team ensures the safety of all participants while on the challenge course. 

Archery Specialist

The Archery Specialist manages the archery program, fostering character development, skill building, peer mentoring, and good sportsmanship. This position is responsible for entire archery area, equipment, and enforcing range safety. 

Environmental Education Specialist

The  Environmental Education Specialist leads our pivotal environmental education program, ensuring all campers increase their environmental awareness utilizing the surrounding redwood forest, discovery center, nature program, and garden. The environmental program should promote academic success through environmental education. 

Garden Specialist

The Garden Specialist leads the garden program, including adapting lesson plans and teaching youth the day-to-day operations and maintenance of a teaching garden and promotes healthy lifestyles. Provides instructional programming to connect all aspects of tending gardening, including food preparation, serving, and eating. 

Mountain Bake Specialist

The Mountain Biking Specialist provides fun and challenging biking program for all youth to promote healthy lifestyles and teach basic biking skills. This position also provides maintenance and upkeep for up to 40 mountain bikes. A critical aspect of this position is to ensure safety, and to assess each individual and situation for possible risk factors. 

Arts Specialist

The Arts Specialist provides fun, engaging, and age appropriate activities for campers. This position runs creative art programming for campers ages eight to 18 in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, crafts, recycled art, and natural art. 

Support Staff:

Medical Staff

The medical staff monitors the daily goings on of the infirmary, organizes logs and critical paperwork, and administers mediations to campers and staff. Other responsibilities include basic first aid, medication administration, serving as Camp’s first responder, monitoring health issues both in and outside of the infirmary, necessary paperwork/documentation, and ensuring all medical needs on site are met. The medical staff work as a close team, in collaboration with the Camp leadership team.   

Kitchen Staff

The Kitchen Staff provides high quality service to all campers, staff, and guests in the dining hall. The kitchen staff team preps and serves meals, clean the kitchen area, and work as a close team. Entry-level kitchen staff should have basic large-volume food prep and knife skills. Some additional skills can be learned on the job. 

Maintenance Staff

The Maintenance Staff assists the Camp Caretaker to maintain Camp facilities, including grounds-keeping, painting, carpentry, laundry, dining hall cleanup, dish washing, chopping wood, plumbing, trash removal and recycling and general facilities upkeep.  


The Camp Driver transports campers and staff as needed, which can vary in frequency. The Driver is responsible for safely transporting Camp staff and campers to a multitude of locations. The Driver may also be required to perform pickups of materials for the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Directors. While not driving the Driver operates as a part of the maintenance team, including responsibilities such as: repairs, trash pick ups, dish washing, wood chopping, etc. This is a critical part of the position and all candidates should make sure they fully understand these responsibilities. 

Office Manager/Office Assistant

The Office team is responsible for aspects of the day-to-day on-site operation of Camp administration in the Camp office including parent communication, record keeping, communication, organization and administrative tasks. 

Night Watch Staff

The Night Watch Person patrols the campgrounds at night to ensure the safety of all staff and campers. This position must be comfortable upholding rules and regulations, even if that means reporting fellow staff members or campers.  

Retail/Canteen Manager

The Camp Retail Manager is responsible for all aspects of running the on-site Camp store (also called the "Canteen"). This includes maintaining accurate inventory, reaching sales goals, creating an inviting and clean space, and facilitating money management conversations with youth. This position is also responsible for mentoring teens and younger campers in job training skills.