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  • Will my camper be able to attend more than one session?
    Yes! Please keep in mind that there will be a session break between Session 1 and 2 and session 4 and 5. so all campers that sign up for session 1 and/or 4 will have to go home at the end of their session and return for the start of session 2 or 5.
  • What is the refund policy this summer?
    The "hold-your-spot" fee of $50 is non-refundable for any reason. Refunds of any remaining funds paid will be allowed up to 14 days prior to the beginning of your camper's session. No refunds are given if: families cancel with less than 14 days notice before the session begins, camper(s) do not show up for Camp, or if he/she is sent home from Camp for any reason.
  • What are the sleeping arrangements like?
    Camp Mendocino is co-ed; boys are located on one side of Camp, and girls are on the other. This year, we are asking families specifically on the application to let us know what cabins their campers will feel most comfortable in, regardless of their sex assigned at birth. It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable and welcome where they live and sleep. Age groups are separated into different “villages,” and each village has several cabins located together with their own bathrooms and showers. Cabins have six bunk beds and are solid wood structures with canvas flaps covering windows and the door.
  • What are your transportation procedures?
    We will continue to provide transportation from a San Francisco location. For Session 1, we will also offer transportation from near Travis Air Force Base. More information will be provided prior to the session via email to families who have paid all fees and completed all forms.
  • Tell me about your 13 + session
    We found that many of our older campers don’t want to be LITs or CITs and just want to come to Camp as a camper and enjoy everything that Camp Mendocino has to offer, without the extra responsibility. We are excited to offer Session 7 as that option to our 13-17 year old campers.
  • What are the Leaders in Training and Careers in Training Programs?
    Teens between the ages of 15-17 are eligible to apply to our LIT/CIT programs. A youth workforce development program in which teens support younger campers, participate in job readiness workshops, and shadow adult staff members around Camp. After participating in the LIT program, teens between the ages of 16-17 can then apply to be a Counselor-in-Training (CIT). Teens in the CIT program choose one of three tracks to apply to: youth development track, maintenance track, or food service track (learn more about each track here). Depending on the track they choose, teens will learn the fundamental skills needed to get a job in their chosen track, and will leave with a certification that can be used to boost their job prospects. Applications for both of these programs open early and typically are closed by early April. More information about the options for teens this summer can be found on the "Teen Leadership" page of the website.
  • Will a doctor’s physical be required?
    No! We will not be requiring a Doctor’s Physical. We recognize that this has been a barrier to access for many families and have worked to determine the best course of action and balance to keep campers safe and make signing up for camp easier. We still require a thorough medical history form, and all campers will be checked by our medical staff upon arrival at Camp Mendocino. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact:
  • How will I have contact with my kids?
    Parents are encouraged to download the Campanion app (see more below). Login using your CampinTouch account information, and you will be able to send a letter to your camper directly from your phone! Once your child replies, you’ll be able to view and download the letter from the app as well. If any family needs to contact the Camp or their child because of a personal emergency, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recognize that, as loving and caring parents, you miss your children, but we have found that, often, telephone calls are counter-productive to the Camp experience. One of the major benefits of camp attendance is for your child to gain independence. The leadership staff at Camp are always available should you have any questions about your child’s Camp experience.
  • What is the Campanion App?
    Information about Camp Mendocino can be found by downloading the new Campanion app. Campanion is a mobile app that will connect you with your camper while they are at Camp Mendocino. Use your CampInTouch Families can view and download photos, read microposts about Camp life, upload required forms and documents, and even send a letter to their camper, all from their mobile device. As we get closer to the start of Camp, more content will be added to Campanion. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to download the app!
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