Camp Questions

What is the weather like at Camp?

The weather varies considerably at Camp with days being hot (90-100 degrees) and mornings and evenings being chilly. Be sure to provide your camper with warm layers. A packing list will be sent to you before your child’s session begins.

Can I visit the Camp?

Due to the Camp’s remote location and our need to maintain the safety of Camp, visitors are not allowed.

May I call my child while (s)he is at Camp?

Phone calls to campers are welcome at pre-established times. Camp has one phone line and 250 campers each day. As you can imagine, the phone line can get quite hectic. Thus, parent call times are assigned according to camper village to reduce the number of parents calling at any one time. Camper villages are determined by age and gender and assigned on the first day of Camp. You will be given a time to call your child based on their village assignment (i.e. all Bobcat parents call on Day four). You will receive your child’s village assignment in an email on Day two of Camp. This email will give you instructions about when and how you can call Camp to speak with your child, if you would like, though phone calls are not mandatory. Make sure you provide Camp with a working email if you haven’t already done so. The best way to contact your camper is to email campers@kidsclub.org (with their name as the subject line). These emails will be printed and given to campers. Please note, campers cannot email back.

Can I send my child a care package?

Camp Mendocino discourages care packages for several reasons. Primarily, care package contents do not tend to align with the healthy eating policy of BGCSF. Furthermore, care packages can make other campers feel left out. Lastly, due to Camp’s remote location, mail is slow to reach us and campers are often gone before their packages arrive. Camp Mendocino provides three healthy meals per day. Additionally, campers can purchase snacks at the Canteen. You can add money to your camper’s Canteen account either at the bus departure or online.

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

Camp Mendocino is co-ed; boys are located on one side of Camp and girls are on the other. Age groups are separated into different “villages” and each village has several cabins located together with their own bathrooms and showers. Cabins have six bunk beds and are solid wood structures with canvas flaps covering windows and the door.

Can I make cabin requests?

Campers are placed into their cabins based on their age. We do not make special arrangements as we find that campers are more social and “team-oriented” when they aren’t around siblings or close friends.

What is the food like at Camp?

Camp Mendocino has a health initiative (like the rest of BGCSF) so all campers receive three well-balanced meals per day that meet the USDA requirements. All meals are served with milk and water. If your child has special dietary requirements, please let us know ahead of time.

Does my child need spending money?

We recommend putting $30 towards your camper’s Canteen account, unless your camper is interested in a larger item like a sweatshirt ($35). You can either hand in cash at the bus departure or add money to your online account. No cash is exchanged at Camp.

What is for sale at the Canteen?

The Canteen offers small snacks like popcorn, goldfish, and popsicles. There are small merchandise items like stickers, sunglasses, and magnets, as well as larger items like sweatshirts, sweat pants, and shirts.

What happens if my child gets homesick?

Many times, first year campers experience a little homesickness in the first two days. During this time we make every effort to help your child adapt to the Camp environment and make new friends. By day three most campers have settled in. On rare occasions however, some children just aren’t ready to make the transition to an overnight camp experience. If your child continues to be homesick on the third day, we will notify you and make a plan that may include you picking up your child.

What is expected of my child while (s)he is at Camp?

All campers are expected to be respectful to all staff and other campers, and be non-violent and follow instructions. Failing to meet these basic expectations may result in dismissal from Camp.

How will my child’s medical needs be handled?

We employ qualified and certified medical staff to dispense medications and treat any minor issues that may arise. If your child needs to visit the infirmary, we will notify you immediately with the details. If your child is on any prescription medication, you need to turn in all medications at the bus departure with full dosing instructions and a ten-day supply. OTC medications must also be turned in at the bus departure, but Camp medical staff will have OTC medications at Camp.

Please be advised – the nearest hospital to Camp is a one-hour drive. Please use your best judgment when sending a child with severe medical needs to Camp. Please call our office if you have additional questions or specific needs.

What kind of programs will my child experience?

Camp Mendocino provides a wide range of activities for youth including hiking, mountain biking, archery, swimming, environmental education, gardening, sports, and dance and drama. Campers participate in evening programs as well including talent shows, campfires, sing-alongs, and dances.

At Camp Mendocino, our Challenge Course consists of: Eight team building elements located on the ground (potentially available for all ages) Junior ropes course at a height of 15ft with four connected elements (ages 11-12) High ropes course at a height of 30 ft with 10 connected elements including a Zip Line (ages 13-17) Climbing wall (run as optional activity for ages 11-17) Giants Ladder (Two people assist eachother to climb up a hanging ladder while on belay) (only run occasionally with ages 15-17) Leap of Faith (Participant climbs to the top of a pole and jumps to hit a target on belay) (only run occasionally with ages 15-17)

The primary goals of the challenge course are: 1. To increase the participants’ sense of personal confidence 2. To increase mutual support within the group 3. To develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination 4. To have fun Campers

Do I have to complete the Summer Foods form even if I think I don’t qualify?

Yes, everyone must complete this form. The Summer Foods program is one of the many ways we are able to make Camp affordable for everyone.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card, and money order. We do not accept personal checks.

Does my child really have to have a physical?

You are required to have a doctor’s signature or stamp on the Doctor’s Physical form. This can be obtained by sending the form into your doctor’s office or coming to one of our free physicals.

Is Camp Mendocino on Social Media?

Yes! You can follow Camp on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/camp.mendocino and on Instagram at @camp_mendocino. Our social media accounts feature pictures of Camp and campers, bulletins about registration promotions, and updates about return buses.

Will you post pictures of my child on Social Media?

We know many parents are anxious to see photos of their child(ren) having fun while at Camp so we do try to post pictures on social media each session. However, Camp Mendocino does not have a staff photographer, so pictures can be few and far between. The staff we do employ are 100% focused on supervising campers and ensuring their safety and enjoyment and don’t always have enough time to post photos.

What if I don’t want my child’s picture posted?

Unless you tell us otherwise, we may post pictures of your child on Facebook, Instagram, the Camp website, or on other promotional materials. If you wish this not to be the case, email camperapplication@kidsclub.org.

I have a more specific question - who do I ask?

For more questions, call our hotline at (415) 757-6690 or email camperapplication@kidsclub.org.



Every camper must have a recent (within the last year) physical on file with Camp in order to attend. We understand that obtaining a physical can be challenging for families. Therefore, Camp offers 5 free physicals for campers each year. You do not have to be a member of BGCSF to participate in a free physical.


If someone other than the camper's legal guardian is bringing the camper to the physical, they must have a signed copy of the Parent Health History form with them. This form gives our doctors consent to treat the campers and without it, and without a guardian present, the doctors will not see your camper. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Attending a BGCSF physical is not necessary. If your camper has had a physical in the last year (after August 2, 2019) for school or sport teams, you can submit this documentation.


Your physical does not need to be on the Camp Mendocino physical form, however if you choose to, please fill out Part A of the  form (which is part of your Camp Application Packet) and bring it to your doctor, a health clinic, or one of the free physical exams. Forms without doctor’s signatures will not be accepted.


Forms must be turned in no later than 7 days prior to session departure date. No forms may be turned in on departure day.