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Camp Mendocino

A program of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco


Summer 2024 Schedule

Session 1:
June 17 – June 24 
(Ages 8-14) 

Session 2:
June 28 – July 3 
(Ages 8-14)

Session 3:
July 3 – July 8 
(Ages 8-14)

Session 4:
July 8 – July 15 
(Ages 10-14)

Session 5:
July 19 – July 26 
(Ages 10-14)

Session 6:

July 26 – August 2 

(Ages 10-14)

Session 7:

August 2 – August 7 

(Ages 13-17)

More information coming soon!


                              New Campers Wanted! 


See what other first-time Camp Mendocino parents' experience was like for their campers' first time at Camp!

He was so happy when he got back! I was a little nervous dropping him off as this was his first overnight camp, and he was anxious about making friends. When he got back, he spent an hour straight talking and telling me about everything he did and all of the people he met. He loved it!! And, he came back with a great sleep schedule, and I swear an air of more maturity.” 

“My son had a blast and couldn't stop talking about camp. It was his first time going to camp and his first time being away from home. The thought of sending my son by himself was a bit terrifying. However, since he had a good experience, I can't wait to sign him up next year.”


Camp Mendocino is an outdoor education and environmental awareness program focused on the character and leadership development of kids from disadvantaged circumstances. Since 1931, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco has been providing this creative, fun, and supportive camping experience for youth ages seven to 17. We surround our kids with positive role models 24 hours a day to provide the love and encouragement they need to realize their full potential.

Mission: To enable and inspire all young people especially those from disadvantaged circumstances to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.
Core belief: We believe that young people will achieve extraordinary things when they are provided with high quality programs and facilities in an environment that promotes respect, responsibility and fun.

ACA Accreditation: Camp Mendocino is an Accredited Camp through the American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA accreditation standards focus on health, safety, and risk management. They are widely used as operational benchmarks for the camp industry by local, state, and federal government entities, insurance companies, and courts of law. Through ACA, Camp Mendocino regularly participates in a peer-review process, which includes on-site visits.  ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to ensure that current practices at Camp Mendocino reflect the highest and most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation.

For more information about ACA Accreditation, contact our camp director or visit the American Camp Association website at



In 2023, Camp Mendocino will offer sessions for campers ages seven - 17. More specific information to come!





Hiring, training and retaining the best staff possible is critical to our success with young people.

Camp Mendocino is the perfect venue for your company retreat, school trip, wedding, or adult summer camp.

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